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Champion & Grand Champions

Our greatest pride as a breeder is when the Shorties we produce at Thompson's Shortybull kennels earn titles in competition....especially when the accomplishments are won by people that own Shorties produced in our breeding program!!!  This page was created to give recognition to the Shortybulls that have succeeded in winning Champion and Grand Champion status....
      GrCh Thompson's Annie Oakley        GrCh Thompson's The Duke
                Owner: Thompson Shortybulls                                   Owner: Eddie Rodriguez of TX
                         Sire: Ch NSB Maverik                                                        Sire: HKB's Ratchet
                     Dam: Blue Rock Mini Pearl                                        Dam: Thompson's Dolly Parton

      Ch Thompson's GoldDigger                  Ch Thompson's Calamity Jane 
            Owner: Thompson's Shortybulls                                     Owner: Thompson's Shortybulls
Blue River Goldberg                                                    Sire: Ch NSB Maverick
Thompson's Calamity Jane                                    Dam: Thompson's Black Pepper

                   Ch Thompson's Hoffa                         Ch Thompson's Colt 45
        Owner: Sunny Boone of GA                                         Owner: Miles Lanier of NC
                       Sire: Blue River Goldberg                                             Sire: Blue River Goldberg
                 Dam: Thompson's Calamity Jane                                Dam: Thompson's Calamity Jane


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